As of 31 October 2019 the iApply online form solution is being withdrawn by our service provider. 

Copies of submitted application forms are automatically sent to your email address at the point of submission, however, if you wish to download a copy, including any supporting documentation, then these are available for recent submissions via the project page within iApply.  The project will be unavailable following the date specified above.

Please note that for data protection purposes, all user accounts and draft submissions will be deleted from iApply once the service has been withdrawn.

We are looking at all options to see where we go with this in the long term, however, as an interim measure you will be able to continue to use the Planning Portal or our interactive form that can be typed into and emailed across with your drawings etc. for application submissions.

Online application submissions (iApply)

To assist in making your online experience as simple as possible please read the guidance notes below then select the link, register your details and you are good to go.  Choose North Yorkshire Building Control Partnership as your local authority.

First you will enter your project details and chose the relevant type of application you require (NOT USING THE WIZARD), ie Full Plans, Building Notice or Regularisation.  Once the project details have been completed select the link to the ACTUAL FORM, which should be highlighted in blue.

As you fill in each section it will show as complete in the side panel.  You can go back to the form at any time to finish a section before you submit it.

Upon entering the fee, 'Payment Method' will become available.  If you do not want to pay by credit/debit card at the time of submission or are unsure of the payment amount, please enter the fee as 0.00 and either send in a cheque (made payable to Ryedale District Council) or phone 01347 822703 to make a card payment.  There is a link to the Partnership's Fee Sheet from the fee section.

NOTE:  In order to submit your application you must select NEXT at the top of the page once all sections have been completed, then I ACCEPT and finally SUBMIT, otherwise the application will remain as draft.  If you pay the fee online you also need to select SUBMIT after you have made the payment.


Online Application Facility

Who to call if having a problem with the iApply site

If you are having problems with using iApply, you can contact the service desk using the details below.
iApply service desk:
08447 254 333 (UK)
+44 (0) 3330 111 663 (International)

For questions about Building Control, the content of applications and the requirements for submissions, you should contact North Yorkshire Building Control Partnership on 01347 822703.