Site Inspections

The relevant inspections for the work you are undertaking should be stated on the attachment you receive with your approval notice/acceptance notice. If unsure contact your area building control surveyor. Surveyor contact details are available here or in the folder that accompanied your approval notice/acceptance notice. If the site inspector decides that additional inspections are required he/she will advise you accordingly.

Following a satisfactory completion inspection and receipt of relevant documentation, a Completion Certificate will be issued by the Partnership, free of charge. This provides proof to building societies, banks and solicitors that, as far as can be ascertained, the work complies with the Building Regulations and has been completed to the satisfaction of the Council.

Available inspections:

  • Commencement (statutory)
  • Completion (statutory)
  • General advice
  • Beam inspection
  • Damp proof course
  • Drainage
  • Electrics
  • Excavations
  • First floor joists
  • Floor structure
  • Foundations
  • Insulation
  • Occupation
  • Oversite prior to concrete
  • Pre-application discussion/advice
  • Pre-plaster inspection
  • Roof
  • General Advice
  • Beam / Steelwork Inspection
  • First Floor Joists
  • Roof

Site Inspection Request App

NYBCP are proud to announce the development of a 'Site Inspection Request' App that has been produced by LABC.  Details of the app can be found at LABC

LABC have developed a free of charge site inspection request app that offers you the option to conveniently contact your local authority building control team to request a site inspection.

For any queries please email

Book a Site Inspection

Please note 24 hour notice is required for booking an inspection via the website.