Regularisation Applications

If you have already carried out building works without first obtaining Building Regulations Approval you could face prosecution by the local authority. This is usually the last course of action and only taken should the partnership have no further options.

The partnership will invite you to apply for a Regularisation Certificate. This means making a normal Full Plans Application submission, but after the event.

You will be required to submit:

  • One copy of a Regularisation Application form.
  • One set of plans that show the building work and as-built construction, drawn to a scale of not less than 1:100.
  • One copy of a site location plan scale 1:1250.
  • The appropriate fee equal to the comparative Building Notice Application charge before VAT, plus an additional 50% - please note, VAT is not applicable.

Once an application has been submitted you will be asked to open up and uncover work as directed by the Building Control Surveyor so that it can be inspected. This may, for example, involve digging a hole alongside foundations and removing sections of wall or ceiling. The Building Control Surveyor will advise you at the earliest possible opportunity.

Provided that the work is found to be satisfactory and in compliance with the Regulations, a Regularisation Certificate will be issued. This will act in the same way as a Completion Certificate.

You can submit a Regularisation application through our online submission form, or a downloadable version of the Regularisation form and current Schedule of Fees can be found HERE.